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Reviews and Testimonies

* David - October 2023

The space and property were beautiful. Highly recommend  if you’re trying to make it out to Mt. Mitchell or other trails near Asheville for a solid price!

Max - October 2023

An excellent experience, highly recommend if you're looking for some mountain spirituality. Shivani is very open to letting you guide the conversation and talk about whatever or wherever you're at in your journey, very open ended, great for beginner meditators like me or advanced.

* Kamile - October 2023

Shivani is a wonderful host and this place is tranquil and beautiful


* Kayla - October 2023

This place was much better than what I expected from looking at the pictures. The home was clean and mostly private. I was pleasantly surprised at the bathroom. There are automatic lights that come on to help you find your way around, although I do recommend a flashlight... Also, we found a small creek and hiking trails which was awesome. The area as a whole is tucked back from off the road and private. We enjoyed our stay.


* Sonia - October 2023

We stayed one weekend at the cabin and it was fantastic. The nights were cold, but we got a heater and hats which was very nice. The warm shower works great. We were able to feed the donkey apples from the farm. All the animals were very welcoming (cats, dogs, sheep). 

* Kimberlee - October 2023

Such a lovely, lovely property. We look forward to returning when we can stay longer, and enjoy the beautiful drive up the mountain for an earlier check in. Unique and magical experiences abound! Shivani was an amazing host - so helpful and quick to communicate.


* Niko - October 2023

The cabin is in an serene environment next to a little creek- I don’t remember when we last slept so well as here Inside- it’s cute and has everything you need. The queen bed was very comfortable, local water provided was delicious. Shivani is a fantastic human and gracious, great host! My girlfriend could spontaneously attend her cacao ceremony in the morning and loved it Highly recommend!


* Natalia - October 2023

Perfect place to get off the grid and reconnect to nature and oneself. Thank you for magical land and light you carry within 💙


* Courtney - September 2023

Perfect location. We had a great time. Will be back


* Lillian - September 2023

Beautiful peaceful place to rest and enjoy the splendor of the mountains. Shivani is super nice and a caring soul. Fell in love with her animals!


* Rebecca - September 2023

It was a great stay, and an amazing experience!

"We absolutely loved staying in your cabin! It was so cozy and minimalist, we want to stay again!"


* Ashlynn - September 2023

Peaceful, beautiful place! Loved our stay!


* Alex - September 2022

Super cute little place. my partner, and I loved it!

* Rebecca - September 2023

Shivani gave us a magical experience we will never forget. Thank you so much for everything. 🙏🧚‍♀️🌲


* Jessy - September 2023

This was the perfect place for a hard-reset. The fresh night air and clear view of the stars were just the icing on the cake. Michelle was very helpful and responsive. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we will definitely be back! Estella the donkey was the star of our stay. She kept us company from a distance, but by morning she was right by the gate to see us out with all of her charm. We love this space, cause and hope to visit again soon!


* Myeka - September 2023

I will likely think of this place forever! It really is an oasis away from everything. It’s peaceful...everyone is kind. I recommend for anyone who’s been stressed!


* Monika - September 2023

My husband and I enjoyed our stay it was clean and provided all we needed . The area is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful . We enjoyed staying on the farm we had total access to the animals we enjoyed our time with the sheep and goats . Shivani is so friendly and accommodating she continued to check in and made sure we had what we needed. We highly recommend and we can’t wait to visit again !


* Kaylee - August 2023

It was comfy and definitely gave a new feeling of being off the grid, I slept so well and there were cute animals and a koi fish pond :)


* Sadie - August 2023

Lovely space! Very peaceful and cozy! And Michelle was so kind and helpful!


* Steph - August 2023

We loved our evening, so peaceful and relaxing with great views. our kids loved interacting with the animals. We hope to be back!


* Nolan - August 2023

Loved being here! Incredible host who went above and beyond and introduced us to her farm animals when we asked to meet them. Amazing very healing space and so nice as a get away!


* Chloe - July 2023

I stayed for one night before hiking in the morning and it was great! Very relaxing and peaceful. The goats were super kind and the fire pit was nice. I definitely recommend bringing a headlamp/lantern for outside! Michelle was very welcoming and helpful.


*Tiffany - July 2023

The Dome was a nice peaceful place to relax. Michelle was an excellent host as well!

* Gwenn - July 2023

If you love animals, this is the place for you! This is a beautiful outdoor area and the experience was peaceful and healing.


* Scott - July 2023

It was such a pleasure staying on this beautiful property. Shivani was a great host. This is a peaceful sanctuary that puts you directly in nature with awesome animals. I feel healed after staying in this space.


* Casey - July 2023

Shivani's sanctuary is absolutely stunning! The space was cozy, clean, and private. She was so helpful and responsive!


* Carly - July 2023

Shivani and her space is beautify peaceful. My friend and I only stayed for 2 nights but loved every minute of it. The Zen Dome was clean and calm and had everything you could need. The outdoor shower was lovely and so was the walk through the goat pen to get there. We loved the good vibrations and love that surrounds the space and the happy energy it instills. We suggest dipping your feet in the natural mountain streams and visiting the goats! Although we likely won’t be in the area again, we cannot stress how beautiful and worth while our stay was and wish we could go back.


* Katherine - June 2023

Shivani was an amazing host!! she was proactive and gave clear instructions and it is clear she has put lots of love and energy into the sanctuary and spaces for her guests, i wish we could have stayed longer and we will definitely try to stay there again!


* Sierra - June 2023

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our stay. It was the perfect size and beautiful location. I loved seeing and interacting with the goats. We will definitely book again. Very relaxing and peaceful.


* Jose - June 2023

It’s hard to describe the actual feeling you get being at this place, Shivani has created such a peaceful environment in nature the deer will walk right up to you. There’s areas to explore at the sanctuary and lots of animals to look at. At night it’s a little dark so I suggest you bring plenty of light. It’s the perfect getaway from todays society and would suggest to turn you phone on airplane mode and enjoy the sounds of nature. Thank you Shivani for having us and look forward to our return. The cacao was delicious and would highly recommend it, it was the only service we tried but will return to explore the rest. Again thank you so much for having us!


* Kristin - June 2023

This was the most wonderful and peaceful weekend stay. We left feeling rested and relaxed and ready to return. Shivani is amazing and such a kind person, she made us feel so at home and we can’t wait to return!

"Thank you so much, I can’t begin to tell you the shift in the mood with everyone after our visit. I’ll reach out to you to set something up to start coming up more often. Thank you!!!"

* Brittany - June 2023

This experience was wonderful! the setting is absolutely incredible. As soon as you enter the woods, it feels like you are isolated and so close to nature. Meeting the animals was a fun start to the journey. Shivani's guidance to different areas to talk and meditate was perfect. There were so many moments of feeling nature's force around us. Between the guided meditation and speaking openly with Shivani about her experiences, my purpose, and other things, this experience was perfect in every way. Time flew by way too quickly, I would do this experience again just to be able to talk more with Shivani, hear her stories, and connect on a deeper level. As a bonus, you can't help but want to support an animal sanctuary doing as much good as she is. I will book again if I'm in the area!


* Dan - June 2023

One of the Best  experiences I have ever had!Thank you so much. It was an amazing experience!


* Barbara - Mauy 2023

Slept so deeply in the dome, Shivani was generous and helpful, loved seeing the animals.

* Haylee - May 2023

I was on a week long personal journey and this was my last adventure. The best really is saved for last Shivani is such a beautiful soul and the land she cultivated with love is so beautiful too and it is magical. I was able to a lot of reflecting and to figure out new ways to move forward with road blocks in my personal space. I can’t wait to go back!


* Liz - May 2023

A stunning location, with friendly animals and host!


* Alvis - May 2023

This stay was absolutely perfect... we enjoyed walking the property, as well as meeting the friendliest goats in WNC.

A perfect retreat for the night. Thanks again!

* Andrea - April 2023

Absolutely recommend visiting this beautiful mountain land! The animals are so sweet and the sights are spectacular!

* Nami - April 2023

We had a peaceful getaway for one night at the sanctuary. The dome was beautiful, nicely decorated, and kept us warm during the rainy night. The tour of the farm was a great treat and I would love to come back for a longer stay! Shivani was a lovely host and made us feel welcome. Thank you!!


* Ayla - April 2023

Peaceful paradise surrounded by nature! We felt right at home! Shivani was so sweet and had great communication! The animals are amazing! It was so worth the adventure and cannot wait to go back!

If you are looking for a positive get a way from the city life, this is the place for you!


* Randy - April 2023

Ten stars! Truly unique and amazing property and experience!

* Dustin - March 2023

What a wonderful serene place with loving animals that comfort you. I’m glad I met Shivani and she definitely is an intuitive healer and carrier of God’s presence! The land and it’s energy will calm you and recharge you !

" I truly feel so blessed and relaxed after today! Keep on helping people and destroying the works of the enemy! I appreciate your sweet and gentle spirit from a fellow empath."

* Heather - March 2023

I had the most peaceful and rejuvenating stay at the Zen Dome. Everything was exactly as described, yet so much more. It was the perfect spot for a little getaway to relax and recharge from the craziness of life. Shivani was so kind and helpful. She checked in several times to make sure I didn't need anything. The property itself is beautiful, the animals were a joy to watch and visit with, and the sounds of the creek flowing nearby was just what I needed. The dome itself was private, clean, and comfortable. I couldn't have asked for anything more.


* Robyn - March 2023

Beautiful. Peaceful. Serene. Sweet animals. Shivani was a great host.

* Abby - March 2023

Shivani was great and the stay was awesome. She is super accommodating and the property and animals are beautiful!


* Sarah - March 2023

We had a lovely stay at Shivanis Dome! It was very peaceful and as described in the details listed. It was a great bonus to be right next to the goats at her sanctuary and to see them when we were outside.


* Heather - February 2023

My first ever experience in a setting like this, and it exceeded my expectations to the max! Absolutely beautiful environment & the location is perfect. Shivani was absolutely amazing! She is very responsive & makes sure you are took care of and have everything you need. Will definitely be booking another trip here! 💕


* Caroline - February 2023

We had a lovely stay at the cabin at the Blue Heart Sanctuary! The host & her family were very friendly, responsive, & accommodating. She gave us recommendations for places to explore & find food. She also let us take a warm shower in the main house (it was cold during our stay)! The sheep & goats were adorable & had wonderful personalities. The goats were very social while the sheep a bit more shy; however, the sheep were still very curious of us. Additionally, Shivani's dogs were friendly & happy to see us! There are also several cats & a koi pond. There are some nice trails to walk around & we had a great time exploring the property. There were even two little waterfalls (that we found) & some nice mountain creeks/streams! The view was incredible & there were several options for outdoor seating and fire pits. We chose to sit at the top of the hill as we found it had the best view of the mountains, trees, & animals. All essentials were provided, even tea! 10/10 would stay again! :-D

* Kelly - January 2023

Great experience! The views were unbeatable and Shivani was a great host. The place felt truly magical.


* Karen - January 2023

I had a wonderful private stay at The Dome. Shivani was nothing short of amazing, ensuring I had everything I needed. I didn’t have much time to explore the land, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an extremely productive & spiritual experience. I only left to pick up a few items in town, and to check out a local brewery/Pizzeria (Hog Hollow) - which was amazing! Shivani is just as the other reviews mentioned, a true source of light, joy, and love. I have been too wrapped up in everyday life. She helped me unblock my heart chakra with the Cacao ceremony. She is extremely accommodating, kind, and informative. I’ve learned so much, and I don’t plan to stop. 🙌🏻 The Dome is well-lit, with solar accents to help light the way in the dark. Shivani greeted me with open arms, and no agenda. It was a magical stay. I’ve already rebooked for March and can’t wait to go back! Thank you, Shivani, for taking that leap of faith years ago, so I could have this experience.

"5 stars across the board. Thank you for your guidance, and sharing your light when mine was feeling dim. I hope to make this a bi-monthly treat (and retreat) for myself. I’ve already told many of my coworkers (whole bunch of earthy/crunchy climbers who are always in the area). (I’ve also requested to rebook for myself in March). Sending positive vibes that they get to experience this little slice of heaven on earth. I can’t wait to explore more next time! Thank you!"


* James - January 2023

Super peaceful and private!


* Jonathan - December 2022

Oh wow. Such a tremendous place. The area is beautiful and there is a ton of hiking and other wilderness activities within a short drive (great place to stay for Mount Mitchell). The actual property was equally beautiful to the surrounding area, in fact probably even better; there were plenty of animals, some little ponds, and really clear views of the night sky. The cabin was tightly insulated and very cozy. It obviously gets cold at night, but there were plenty of blankets, and I was never uncomfortable. Shivani was a very friendly host and provided incredibly detailed instructions. She also greeted me at the first opportunity she got, which I was so happy with, as I was worried I wouldn't get the chance to meet her since I checked in on the later side. I would definitely return here.


* Alex - December 2022

My wife and I loved staying here! can't wait to come back again and hopefully see the goats and sheep 😊

I felt so comfortable and relaxed here!


* Megan - December 2022

Such a cool experience staying here. We visited when it was 20 degrees out but it was still warm with the portable heater and extra blankets. Bed was super comfortable and the place smelt amazing. Will definitely be revisiting!


* Cora - December 2022

Beautiful getaway! great location and Shivani was very accommodating : )

* Sommner - December 2022

Shivani is very sweet and i recommend staying here! She helped us build a fire even with the wood being so wet!  It was really fun to stay out there with her.

* Eleaxus - December 2023

I had an amazing experience. Ms. Michelle was so kind and the animals were great. She took her time throughout our journey and really helped me to connect with myself and nature.


* Allen - December 2022

Very friendly, beautiful and peaceful area. Animals were adorable, friendly, and well taken care of. Overall 10/10 would recommend for the area.


* Jordan - December 2022

Our stay was absolutely beautiful! The dome, the surrounding forest, and the animals were all amazing! Shivani was also awesome, as she always checked in on us and made sure we had everything. You could tell a lot of love was put into the dome and our stay. I definitely recommend going for a getaway! it was exactly what we needed and i’m sure we will be coming back!


"I just want to let you know how perfect our stay was! Everything from the dome to the forest and animals to the cacao ceremony was just absolutely beautiful! We had so much fun and we hope we can come back again! Thank you for everything!!!"


* Shannon - November 2022

Wonderful little place. Perfect for a weekend getaway. Glamor Camping


* Jana - November 2022

Wonderful, peaceful, and spiritual. We definitely recommend this stay to anyone looking for a reset. The goats and dogs were very friendly! They did well with our toddler son...We loved roasting smart dogs and beyond burgers on the fire. Our favorite spot was the blue bench over looking the running water, a wonderful place for meditation/prayer. Shivani was very kind and seemed to genuinely care about our stay. Which is hard to come by.

This was definitely a powerful spiritual retreat. We hope to return in the spring!


* Sierra - November 2022

Great location! Very unique and beautiful. We had an amazing time exploring the property and visiting with the animals. Shivani was a great host. Very accommodating and helpful. This is a Boondocking site but you’d forget that with the amenities she supplies they’re everything needed to stay comfortable like fresh springwater, heating, shower, bathroom and limited electricity. Can’t wait for our next stay! Highly recommend the dinner or breakfast add on. It was a 10 out of 10 experience 🤎 We had a great stay! Can’t wait for next time


* Felicia - November 2022

Great little cabin. We definitely went during the coldest possible night, but it was still heaps better than tent camping. Beautiful location. Shivani is very communicative, responsive, and helpful, definitely did everything she could to ensure we had a nice stay. Also, my children loved seeing the animals here. We hope to visit again someday in the future when it’s a bit warmer so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery more.


* Casey - November 2022

Super cute little cabin, we got there in the dark so definitely appreciated the solar string lights!

* Sarah - November 2022

Shivani's place was exactly what I was looking for. The cabin is small but has everything you need. She stocked the cabin with tea/coffee, an electric kettle, a space heater (which works very well), cups, fresh water, extra blankets, and even a pot if you'd like to cook over the fire. Keep in mind, the cabin is electric-free. She has an extension cord that reaches into the cabin (single port). Your bathroom and shower are outside. There are three small light sources in the cabin, but it gets DARK after nightfall. The property has sheep, dogs, cats, koi fish, and the occasional deer. What a fantastic stay - it truly felt like I was a child back at summer camp. Take the time to explore the property - it is peaceful & beautiful! Great place to meditate and reflect. If you have the opportunity to connect with Shivani, take the time. She is a wonderful woman and a great friend. I recommend the 24-minute drive to downtown Burnsville. The shops are so cute and Appalachian Java Cafe has great coffee/food! If the Parkway Playhouse is open, catch a show! There are also many great hikes in the area. Mount Mitchell is a challenging but beautiful & rewarding hike. Cheers friends ~

"Shivani, thank you for a wonderful weekend full of memories! I have been having so much fun showing my friends pictures of the Blue Heart Sanctuary and sharing stories of my journey. You are truly a blessing...I appreciate your kindness and abundance of gratitude. I'm keeping those sheep in my prayers!"


* Sara - November 2022

It was a lovely visit! Shivani is a great host and very personable.


* Brittany - November 2022

I wish we could have stayed a little longer. Cute little spot. Felt very peaceful. Would visit again if in the area.


* Devlin - November 2022

This lil cabin is great for a simple place to stay. Shivani is very helpful and made me feel welcomed.


* Chloe - October 2022

it’s obvious how much careful intention and thought was put into this dome to create a healing & peaceful experience. not only is the listing accurate but it doesn’t do it justice in terms of really showcasing the dome’s precious nuances. Shivani’s touches, from the crystals to the fresh spring water, is incredibly thoughtful and well-intended. She accommodated our late check-in and still walked us to the dome despite it being pitch black outside. She collected some twigs and branches for us to get a fire started. She is incredibly resourceful, providing chairs for the fire and a thick bed comforter because it was cold outside. In the morning, we went and saw some sheep and goats that were there and also spotted quite a few deer roaming around. Magical experience, one of my favorite places i’ve stayed in. I absolutely intend to come back. Thanks Shivani!


* Santiago - October 2022

An amazing homey and special place to get away and connect with nature! Shivani is very friendly and helpful, great communication. Highly recommend!


* Juan - October 2022

Shivani is a wonderful host that will go out her way to make you feel at home. The sanctuary is a peaceful place to relax and disconnect from hustle and bustle of daily life. It is truly a peaceful place to be and enjoy the animals and the quiet surroundings. I will definitely stay at the sanctuary next time I am in the area!


"Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! I might not be a Clairsentient, but I do not need that ability to know that you have a big heart. I told my wife that I felt at your place as it if I was visiting family I have not seen in a very long time.Looking forward staying at the sanctuary next time I am in the area and play with the animals."


* Liisa - October 2022

(Shivani's) place is super cute and a place to relax and unwind. You can be emerged in nature and silence. The cottage is behind her house and next to the animal shelters. There is a tent outhouse on top of a hill, electric cable that reaches just in the cabin.  Overall the place has a really pleasant atmosphere and wortwhile a stay. Thank you Shivani!


* Lynn - October 2022

The stars were amazing!


* Udai - October 2022

Very nice reset place. (Shivani) is a great person and a very pleasant host to talk to.


* Cameron - October 2022

(Shivani) is an excellent host, and her site is perfect for enjoying a rustic mountain stay.  I had the best time and was so appreciative of your hospitality.


*  Stephanie - October 2022

(Shivani) was a top tier host, her communication was 10/10 and as a solo traveler, (Shivani) went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable getting assisted to the dome since I arrived after dark to check in. Even directions we’re thorough since it was possible I’d lose signal so I was grateful to have a backup method to make sure I got there! The dome was everything it’s pictured to be and more, it was immaculate and every detail is both comforting and inviting. (Shivani) makes this magic little dome the perfect oasis to recharge and experience the mountains as close to camping as possible. Every detail, down to the deliciously scented candle, spring water, and extra comforter (since it was cold) was thought out and it SHOWED. I can’t say enough good things about this space, even the furry friends (the sweetest dogs and goats which are kept away if animals aren’t your thing!) made the stay extra special. If you’re looking to unplug and recharge, this is the place you need to stay. I know I’ll be back soon!

There isn’t a single thing I would change about the experience. I am so incredibly grateful for you opening your space for people like me, it was magical and I’m so excited to come back soon!


* Javier - October 2022

I really enjoyed staying at (Shivani's) cabin. it was very peaceful and beautiful!!


*  Kassidy - October 2022

This rental was so fun! Such a great location and exactly the kind of outdoorsy getaway we were looking for. Shivani was great with communication and ensuring we arrived safely and without issues. We will definitely be recommending this place to our friends!


*  Taylor - October 2022

Great experience!


*  Lauren - October 2022

(Shivani's) place is awesome. Such a nice place to enjoy the mountains. (Shivani) is a great host who is very accessible and helpful.

I Loved the cabin and how accessible you were!


*  Ellen - September 2022

What a magical time on the land.! I feel at peace and open to new possibilities.

* Jessica - September 2022

Great quiet cabin off the beaten path with wonderful Mountain Views. The sheep and goats are at your front door and my kids loved this. Everything is down to earth including the hostess. Very accommodating and just friendly. Great stay for my two kids (5 & 8) and myself for the night.

* Sierra - September 2022

Awesome place to stay! A lot of animals around to really feel one with nature! We loved our time here!

* Braxton - September 2022

Wonderful and peaceful.

* Diego - September 2022

A very small and cozy place to stay! You’ll be connected to nature 100%!!

* Ashton - September 2022

What a fabulous experience! (Shivani) did a great job welcoming us to this magical place and engaging our 8 y/o son in the experience, feeding treats to the goats and the koi in the pond. We enjoyed delicious homemade tea and fresh mountain spring water, which was better than any water we’ve tasted before! The sanctuary is beautifully set on the mountainside and we equally enjoyed taking in the natural beauty and magic of the landscape. The animals are extremely well cared for and loved and had so much love to share with us. We will definitely return!

* Cami - August 2022

I had the urge to go on a last minute mountain trip by myself and this was the first listing I stumbled upon. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. This place feels so welcoming, loving, and overall the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. It’s not often that I find myself pausing and observing life as it is without having any judgements about it, but it is super easy to do here. Even though the cabin is kind of close to the host’s house, she was very kind and mindful of my privacy. She is also very accommodating and her son was super helpful bringing my things up their driveway for me! All of her animals are so sweet and her land has tons of wildlife to observe. If you have the time, definitely spend time with the host because she can show you some beautiful little spots on her land + her stories are amazing. I’m coming back very soon! ❤️


* Jen - August 2022

I’m so glad I booked this experience for myself while feeling overwhelmed with work crisis and daily life unhappiness. I was excited to step into sanctuary land, meet the animals, pet happy dogs, hoping to feel more calm in myself, and looking forward to guidance from a spiritual leader. This experience exceeded my expectations in the best way. You will find the sanctuary delightfully charming. You will love the family of pugs excitedly coming to greet you. This is THE kind of experience to book if you love animals but want to avoid zoos. The goats and sheep have so much land and natural geography to roam. It’s amazing to see gentle animals in their authentic environments and be able to walk right up to them. When you meet (Shivani) you will feel her golden aura immediately. Do you ever feel like you walk through a crowd and no one really sticks out to you? There’s hundreds of people but you don’t really focus on anyone? (Shivani) has a one of a kind, radiating sun-like energy warmth presence. I felt like I was walking next to a manifestation of a Phoenix force. (Shivani) took me on a full tour of the sanctuary. She made sure I was comfortable before taking any new steps and answered my countless questions. While we were on our spiritual walk I couldn’t take my eyes off the path covered with sparkling gemstone mica pieces. The sanctuary is on mountainside so we hiked upstream and I loved taking my shoes off to walk barefoot to a stream for a meditation session. This place was a rare experience to touch and feel stunning mountain geography features and tune into the energy forces from nature. (Shivani) guided me with love and support into this experience. I’ve never taken the time or made plans to spiritually, emotionally, and physiologically look within myself. When you are totally new and looking for how to connect back to your inner child, to connect with nature and Earth again, (Shivani) provides understanding that feels like a strong hand reaching to help you up. It was Beautiful. It was Illuminating. It was Enlightening. It was Peace.

* Jose - August 2022

Very enjoyable experience. Meeting (Shivani) and all of the animals was heartwarming. (Shivani) has a very kind spirit and is clearly called to do the work she does at the sanctuary. My family and I enjoyed touring the property and interacting with the goats, sheep and her dogs and cat. I think I bonded with “Ozzy” the goat while “Murphy” the goat was exceptionally loving towards my wife and daughter. 😃😉 The mountain spring water made a delicious tea as we hung out around the mountain water fed koi pond. Overall…a great experience and I highly recommend it.


* Emmet - August 2022

Lovely drive to Green Mountain, off the beaten track. The cabin was small, clean with a comfortable bed, definite upgrade from a tent, especially if there were bad weather. The cabin is not far behind the house but is still quite private as there is a lot of vegetation in between. The sanctuary is beautiful and I had a pleasant evening hanging around with some friendly sheep. I never saw anyone while I was there but (Shivani) sent videos with good instructions and everything was straight forward. Overall communication was very good. It is a very peaceful and positive place. I absolutely loved it, it was really fun and peaceful. I will definitely be back and next time and I look forward to taking a tour of the sanctuary. I highly recommend it if you are adventurous and wants something different, makes a fun change from a tent.

* Daniel - August 2022

(Shivani) is the most accommodating and friendly host I have had the pleasure of staying with. Her property is beautiful and you will fall in love with the many animals that make a home here.has a lovely property that will no doubt leave the guests spiritually rejuvenated. Highly recommended!

* Teresa - August 2022

Very nice little get away in a sweet and rustic farm with delicious spring water and the most beautiful koi pond! (Shivani) was kind, responsive and accommodating. She even sent multiple videos that were super helpful for coming into an unknown space. It felt familiar and early arriving! Would come back again!!

* Elizabeth - July 2022

This place was 😍. It was like Glamping; this property is gem. The dome is comfortable, especially considering the comfort level of a sleeping bag. (Shivani) provided what I needed for sure... camping alone on her property felt safe. I was able to relax and enjoy the setting... Friendly animals and host. Great local shopping and the farmers market was quaint. The overwhelming kindness and community feel in this region a welcome surprise for sure. I'll definitely be back to Green Mountain; and the Asheville area.

* Erik - July 2022

Blue Heart Sanctuary was a great place to bring my kids to meet some sweet animals and to also learn a little about some local plants and the land of NC! (Shivani) was a great guide on her property and was very welcoming. I’d recommend this experience if you’re in the area!

* Matt - July 2022

Very charming and secluded place. Great location for a soul and mind recharge. Nothing but positives to say!!!

* Amelie - July 2022

This property was beautiful and peaceful and the dome was super comfy! This place is deep in the Blue Ridge mountains but the host's directions were specific and we found it easily. The dome was big enough for me to set up a pack n play crib form my young daughter and still have space to move around. The host provided a large glass jug of fresh mountain spring water! She also made sure there was a proper pile of fire wood and kindling by the fire pit and assisted me with unloading as I was traveling with my young kiddos. The kids loved seeing the goats and I loved the stream and the peaceful forest smells and sounds. We truly enjoyed our stay and will be back for sure!

* Natalie - July 2022

(Shivani) is a beautiful and gentle spirit who strives to give you the most peaceful experience possible. Make no mistake, these are rustic accommodations, but set aside your expectations of luxury to embrace the peace and tranquility of the property. If you are looking to unplug from the noise of life and find a place to sit and think undistracted, this is the place for you.


* Nirup - July 2022

This is the perfect place for an off the grid experience.

* Rebekah - June 2022

We had an amazing time here. (Shivani) was very thoughtful, caring and personable. You can tell how much she cared for every animal in her sanctuary. Very knowledgeable of foraging and taught us so much about wildlife. We got to feed the animals and also answered any questions we had. She had water and fresh hot tea made for us as well(which was delicious!!). We highly recommend going to visit,

a little hidden gem!

* Sudhir - June 2022

Perfect place to experience nature. Wonderful Host. Love from Animals. Going back to your roots I recommend this place. Will be worth your stay.

* Sumant - June 2022

(Shivani’s) place is truly amazing. Beautiful view and so many lovely animals to company you. Will definitely visit again.

*Ariana - June 2022

I loved this place! It was truly a wonderful experience.

* Tilman - June 2022

I had a great time at the Animal Sanctuary! (Shivani) was very nice and accommodating, she showed me around on the huge and beautiful premises and we spent a nice time with a friend of hers at the campfire. It is an extremely peaceful place, I enjoyed my time there!

* Easton - June 2022

Beautiful little cabin nestled in the Appalachian mountains. It takes some time to get there, but is well worth it. Also, the temperature is much cooler there in the summer than in other parts of the south; a welcomed surprise for us as we tried to beat the heat wave. Great stay.

* Andrew - May 2022


* Noah - May 2022

This was such a wonderful stay! Camping in style in a magical fairy land complete with sheep and goats! Amazing bang for your buck. (Shivani) took us around the land and showed us all the animals and gave us a tour of the cabin. This animal sanctuary is a holy land for animals and humans alike. The land has many energy vortexes and (Shivani) offers tours you can take to experience them. If you like camping but not putting up a tent, then this is the perfect stay. When we parked we even had a chauffeur who took our bags to our cabin. Amazing hospitality and peaceful stay! We will definitely be back!

* Barbara - May 2022

Wonderful place-the accommodations look quite enticing-great animals and Koi-want to return to see the crystal-lit decagon….


* Mason - May 2022

Funny pugs and friendly goats. Also got to be in nature doing earthing, walking barefoot in a large area separate from the animals.


* Ashley - April 2022

(Shivani) was so kind. Made us feel welcome to her safe haven. The animals were so happy and loving. You could tell she dedicates her life to them. We can’t wait to go back.

* Jill - April 2022

This was an amazing adventure. Our 11 year old autistic son become anxious when the pugs wanted to greet him. Immediately, (Shivani), adjusted the tour and made sure that we were all comfortable with the animals. After a little time we went for a walk in the beautiful property. We fed the goats and the sheep and had tea by the koi pond. This farm is a beautiful place, truly magical and by far my family’s fave experience on this vacation

* Jenny - March 2022

That was the BEST bodywork session I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed. You have a Beautiful gift. Thank You!

* Shannon - March 2022

(Shivani) is a great host, thoughtful and caring. It was a fun experience with the animals and nature scene. Truly a great afternoon and one of the highlights of my trip. I didn’t know what to expect and it was much different than I imagined. Worth it and I will return to spend time again. Very beautiful and would love to see it in spring & summer season.

* Laurie - March 2022

(Shivani) and her furry family are so welcoming. I had a great time getting to know her, her land, and her rescues. I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates sharing a really good cup of tea with

kind souls in a tranquil and healing environment.

* Nicole - March 2022

Magical doesn't even begin to describe this experience. Don't miss out.

* Venta - February 2022

Our teen daughters wanted to see animals and so I searched... and stumbled upon this sanctuary. I thought they'd be there for an hour or so and want to move on, but they stayed the whole time happily. (Shivani) was full of info and stories and the goats were full of spunk and entertainment. The girls came home with dozens of goat selfies. Mission accomplished. Blessings to (Shivani) for her good work and hardworking care for these animals.

* Casey - January 2022

Very welcoming environment and host, lovely animal interactions, and delicious healthy food that was good exposure to a vegan lifestyle on top of the beautiful view and endless possibilities for adventure.

* Angela - December 2021

We had a wonderful time visiting the Blue Heart Sanctuary! (Shivani) was such a great host! I really enjoyed talking with her and hearing her stories. We took our 3 year old and 5 year old and they just loved meeting the animals, touring the property, climbing the boulders, feeding the sheep & goats snacks, and hiking through the forest to the rock cliffs. (Shivani) was absolutely great with our children and she made the most delicious hot apple tea for us. Highly recommended!

* Matthew - November 2021

(Shivani) and her beautiful piece of Earth are purely magical. She and all of her four-legged friends greeted us with open arms and open hearts, we seriously found it hard to drive away once we were done exploring Mother Nature’s artwork. A piece of Heaven is to say the least. We look forward to more visits and a lasting friendship!

* Justine - November 2021

Our day with (Shivani) and her beautiful furry friends was absolutely magical. The land is so beautiful you can feel the energy filling your body with pure Divine love. (Shivani) is a beacon of light and I am grateful she shared her energy and her land with us. I didn’t want to leave. ❤️✨

* Susan - November 2021

Wonderful magical place

* Jennifer - November 2021

If you want to enjoy nature with a herd of funny and adorable creatures go see (Shivani) she will expose you to new ideas and get you thinking.

* Aviva - November 2021

(Shivani’s) property is beautiful . My children loved the animals and were free to explore the property. They especially loved the frozen ponds and listening to the sound of the ice skate across the surface when thrown. (Shivani) was lovely and made delicious and nutritious tea, with medicinal herbs from her property. It was a special experience for me and my five sons. We will be back!

* Meghan - November 2021

The experience was a lot of fun and such a nice morning relaxing and playing with the animals!

* Benito - November 2021

(Shivani) was extremely accommodating and the animals were amazing. My family and i had a

great experience interacting with the goats and dogs.

* Kari - November 2021

(Shivani) was very welcoming and knowledgeable. You can really see her love for the animals.

* Heather - November 2021

Lovely farm, Sweet animals, Heartwarming stories, Very peaceful.

* Amanda - October 2021

Fantastic day for our family of 7. Thanks again!

* Megan - October 2021

Neat experience with all the animals! Made new friends ☺️

* Abigail - October 2021


at the sanctuary! (Shivani) had so many wonderful things to share!

* Mary - August 2021

(Shivani), I must say that there is nothing small about you. What an awesome healer you are. I am so grateful to for your session. So many things were healed during that session. You were able to bring in so much energy and heal traumas that many had attempted and we only able to control in a limited way. The clarity and strength I feel now is just indescribable.  And I somehow managed to receive the no pain thing too. Even in my continued emotional processing. If you have things that need work, I would strongly you at least have a chat with her. Healer extraordinaire.

* Charles - September 2021

Ever since you put your hands on me, the pain that I have had in my gut (Chrone's disease and impaled through the rectum in a helicopter crash) is completely gone for the first time in over 30 years."

* Richard - June 2021

When Shivani was starting to do the Energy work on me, I had an immediate sense that this was an otherworldly experience unfolding, and I felt so grateful that it was to be 90 minutes of bliss. 

This allowed me to release myself from busy mind chatter and relax into my I AM PRESENCE and into this eternal moment. She was wholly present to my physical body, and my etheric body, and to whatever was emerging spontaneously from the field that we were sharing. At times as she was gently releasing my tensed up fascia tissues, she was also tuning into sounds heard from another plane and voicing them as a sort of soft cosmic melody. The end of the session was as blissful as all the rest, leaving me in a state of homeostasis, stillness, calm, and deep gratitude for what had just occurred."

* Hara - May 2021

Shivani is a rare find.  She combines intuition with skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. Most energy workers create a temporary shift. Shivani has the ability to address whats going on with you in a way that can bring new ideas regarding your situation: therefore allowing new solutions to come forth. 

I see her as one of a handful of practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem not only through treatment, but through her words and demonstration. I trust her. I feel safe and cared for when I am with her. For me, that is a HUGE part of any healing process.

* Dyan - June 2020

My experiences with (Shivani) have been so clearing, healing and on-going, manifesting, creating and growing. I was filled with love and I truly felt the love now, that I never received from my mother! Joy! Love! Supported! Other attunments were received in her personalized customized session. She tuned into crystals, legions light and support was instilled in me. Sisterhood was solidified. I am changed, I am New, I am Love. I  very much recommend a session with (Shivani.)

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