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~ Offerings ~

1:1, Couples and Small Group Retreats

Life can be hectic and at times, stressful.

It's important to pause... to take breaks and flow

into experiences that nurture our physical, mental and emotional well being.

Come to the Sacred Cherokee land of SólGaia and Allow yourself the opportunity to Rest and Revive, to Rejuvenate and Recharge your Light.

Connect with Nature and Feel the unconditional love of the animals at the Blue Heart Sanctuary. 


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Blue Heart Sanctuary Tours

Your new best friend is waiting...

to Share the LOVE with You!

Dogs, cats, sheep, goats, a mini mule, turtles, koi and abundant wildlife have all been Graced to call Blue Heart their home.  Included with every stay is a tour of the Sanctuary. Get to know all these Beautiful Beings and the harrowing experiences they faced before landing in this Peaceful Paradise.


Scalar Wave Technology
Coherence Energy Chamber

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and holistic well-being? Step into the realm of the extraordinary and discover the profound healing potential of the ICOSA-X Energy Chamber, equipped with 5 remarkable copper tensor rings. To discover more, click...

Intuitive Bodywork

You can't pour from an empty cup. Give yourself the gift of an Integrative and Intuitive Bodywork session that is focused on activating the natural healing powers each body possesses in order to turn off pain and bring the body back into a vibrant state of perfect balance and harmony.

​Sessions facilitated by Shivani are Aligned with the LoveLight of Source and individualized to your preferences. Her unique approach of connecting with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body allows stagnant energies to be released with ease. Allow her empathic touch to carry you away from the chaos and stress of your life experience and into a deep and blissful state of Relaxation where You will find True Peace. To discover more or to book a session, click...


Yoga & Self-Guided Stretching

SólGaia offers various yoga and stretching classes both indoors in the Temple space and outdoors in nature. Join as a subscriber to our mailing list and stay tapped in as our schedule of yoga offerings continues to grow.

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Sacred Sound &

Cacao Ceremonies

Honoring cacao and sound as sacred medicine, we facilitate ceremonies using organic, heirloom variety cacao that has been sourced for it's healing properties. Unheard of in commercial production, this cacao is hand-peeled and only lightly roasted after the traditional fermentation process. Sign up HERE for event notifications. To discover more or to reserve your own private ceremonial cacao and sacred sound experience, click...



Breathwork can be an incredibly powerful means to Shift all aspects of your being. Blocks in your flow of Energy, suppressed emotions and traumas can all be released during various breathing techniques. Combining breathwork with sungazing, cold water immersion and manual activation of particular pressure points on the body is Shivani's favorite Activation technique to Share with guests.

Transformational breathwork sessions are available by appointment for individuals and small, intimate groups. To discover more or schedule a session, click...



There's something truly magnificent that happens within when we fully disconnect from the outside world and become in tune... attuned with the flow of Nature. Camping at SólGaia offers You the space to just BE. We have availability for vans and small RVs. If you desire solitude and you've come with your own gear, we have numerous remote tent sites. No tent, no worries. We presently have an 8-person, 4-person and 2-person available. Extras such as blow up mattresses, camping cots and sleeping pads can also be arranged.  To Connect and Reserve the Perfect Spot, click...



In addition to tent camping, we have several accommodations available.  The Cabin by the Koi pond, Crystal Amplified Decagon Alchemy Dome, 16' Tranquil Glamping Tent and the New Bliss Bungalow (with full electric) are now available for reservations. Click HERE for additional photos.

To check availability, click...

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