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Feeling depleted from the densities of the outside world?

Whether You Resonate with Being a  Giver, Healer, Empath...  Heart-Centered, Sensitive Soul...

Lightworker, Starseed or simply someone open to new experiences.
Regardless of your perspective, there's no denying that as a collective, we're navigating through turbulent times.

The pressure can be intense and if we don't make self-care a priority,  it can build and

eventually a breaking point is reached.

Overload looks different for each of us... stress, anxiety, irritability, emotional overwhelm, physical dis-ease, etc...

However it manifests... it's your body, mind and spirit calling for support. 

Are You Listening?

When is the last time you allowed yourself the space to pause? 

And just stop.

Gift yourself this opportunity to Rest... Revive...  and Recharge Your Light!
Heaven on Earth is Here Now!
Rejuvenate in the Peaceful, Loving Energies that Deeply Nourish our Souls.

Feel the LOVE and Remember the Truth of Who You Are.

Allow this Sacred Cherokee land to Revitalize and Harmonize All Aspects of Your Being.

SólGaia offers 1:1, Couples and Intimate group retreats facilitated by Shivani.

This Immersive retreat experience includes...

* Two night stay in the Crystal Amplified Decagon Alchemy Dome, Cabin by the Koi pond, 16' Tranquil Glamping Tent or Bliss Bungalow
* Blue Heart Sanctuary Tour  - Meet & Greet the Animals
* Sacred Cherokee Land Vortex Hike
* Yoga/Stretching

* Scalar Wave Copper Tensor Energy

* Breathwork
* SunGazing and StarGazing
* Fire Circle - Drumming/Dancing
* Meditation - Guided/Silent

* 12 D Shield Building
* Journaling
* Forest Bathing
* Earthing
* Frequency charged Living Mineralized           

 Mountain Spring Water
* Organic Superfood Smoothies
* Whole Food Plant Based Meals
* Wildcrafted Herbal Tea
* Ceremonial Cacao
* Quantum Infinity Scan

* Balance Rx
* Intuitive Bodywork Session
* Higher Dimensional Grid Nodule Frequency Entrainment
* Potential for
Connection with Higher Dimensional Beings
* Unconditional Love, Peace & Solitude
* Experience the New Earth Now


Exchange $432 for Cabin, Tent or Dome; $528 for the Bliss Bungalow

Per person, for 2-day experience.

Additional Offerings:

Asheville,  NC Airport Shuttle $111 each way
LoveLight Lift Crystal Amplified Frequency Attunement Session $144
Waterfall and/or Mountain Peak Guided Tour/Hike  $88 each

Extended your stay...  $99 per night


To discover more, check availability and reserve your space today...                              

Experience Feeling More Connected, Aligned, Balanced and at Peace. 


If you're Aligned with simply coming for the Peace, Silence and Solitude and would prefer to Be Nurtured yet, Sovereign in your own Field... nightly, weekend and weekly accommodations are available.                                                         to Reserve Your Spot

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