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In the chaos of this world... an oasis of peace exists.

SólGaia is Calling

Come... Pause... Align...

Open Your Heart to Unconditional Love.

Restore and Revitalize All Aspects of Your Being.

Nourish and Nurture Your Soul.

The Peace You've Been Longing for is Here.

Nestled on 40 pristine acres in the mountains of western North Carolina, the SólGaia Center for Illumined Hearts provides a unique opportunity for us to find the harmony, compassion and loving kindness that we all yearn for. We share this extraordinary land with the Blue Heart Animal Sanctuary, a For-Service 501 (c) 3 animal rescue organization that cares for both "farm" and companion animals.




This wellness center offers camping and accommodations  for brief and extended stays. It is the site of many classes, workshops, special programs, ecstatic dances, cacao ceremonies, meditations, Red Light Therapy, a Scalar Wave Technology Coherence Energy Chamber and 1:1 / group retreats. 
 Check out our...


We offer producers and facilitators this beautiful private setting as a unique space to host your next event, class, workshop or retreat.



Healers, Empaths, Lightworkers and Starseeds...

As Heart-Centered, Sensitive Souls living in a world of density, it's important we gift ourselves the space to rest, revive and recharge our light!
Revitalize and nurture your soul with a 1:1  or intimate group retreat at SólGaia.  Discover

Our visitors and guests are in for a treat... delicious Living Mineralized Spring Water that comes directly out of the Mountain via gravity fed spring. The first taste of this pure water will leave you wanting more.  Ask us about the experiments we have been conducting with water and frequency! We welcome you to bring an empty container so you can take some of this water with you on your travels.

We have partnered with a world renowned Doctor of Naturopathy and Energy Medicine Specialist to enhance MicroGreens with nutrient boosting frequencies.  The energetic enhancements we are experimenting with are reducing growing time, increasing yield, improving taste and quality. The implications of what we are discovering has the potential to impact food production and supply in areas affected by famine and drought.

On September 13, 2022 during a night vision watch, we connected with numerous "plasma" beings of light.  Many guests have shared with us the profound experiences and Shifts in Awareness they have just by BEing here on this Sacred Land. It's a Powerful place that Emanates the Frequency of Pure LOVE.

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