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Leading with LOVE and a HEART of Service, Shivani Kumara Embodies her True Divine Essence and Serves as a Conduit of Pure Divine LoveLight. She Serves as a Catalyst to Amplify Frequencies and Expand Love & Light for ALL Beings throughout All of Creation.
Although trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, Shivani Resonates more with Being a Divinely Guided, Christ Centered Facilitator. She offers Energy Attunements and Guidance for those on the path of Ascension.  The Alchemy of Energies she Shares, creates a harmonic resonance that Activates DNA and Inspires people to Shift into a Greater Remembering of their True Soul Essence for their Recalibration and Divine Restoration.
As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Shivani Empowers others on their Journey of Conscious Awakening. She connects Heart-to-Heart to Shine a Light on the programs, distortions and patterns that may be keeping You stuck & stagnant. Shivani offers mentoring and shares beneficial practices and tools that give us the ability to Maintain Our Vibrational Frequency in spite of the Chaos that may appear in the Outside Reflection.
Shivani is the founder of the non-profit animal rescue, Blue Heart Sanctuary. Her motto is "Love in Action," Peace and Compassion. While she has and always will be dedicated to the Love and Care of animals in need, she has been shown an expanded vision of the Sanctuary that includes the Creation of SólGaia, a Self-Sustaining, Higher Consciousness Community and Spiritual Respite Center in Western North Carolina. She envisions a Village of Domes where healers and people of different specialties and modalities (Energy workers, herbalists, chiropractors, gardeners, artists, acupuncturists, musicians, etc) all have their own personal space with studios for Sharing their Gifts. She sees the Creation of Massive Community Gardens and a Huge Dome for gatherings, classes and events.
Ultimately, Shivani Serves as an instrument to Shift the Collective Consciousness of Humanity toward greater Love, Compassion and Oneness. With the intention of bringing about a Global Shift for Unity and Peace, so that together we Create
Heaven on Earth.

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